barely keeping it together since 1984

I’m so out of shape, the health tracker on my phone pings me periodically to see if I’m still alive—so naturally, I became a health + wellness writer.

I may not like to move it move it, but what I lack in life skills I make up for in credentials: my writing has appeared in magazines like cosmopolitan, women’s health and ww, as well as on websites like eatingwell, huffpost and self. I’m also a regular contributor to livestrong and shondaland.

my short-term goal is to provide people with the health intel they need to feel a little more empowered and a little less verklempt. (you can find me at club meh and on twitter, where I write and tweet for the barely functional.)

my long-term goal is to marry an oscar—the statue, or the grouch.

need a health + wellness writer?

krissy at writtenbykrissy dot com